Sanctions Database

The sanctions database is a repository of all the DPRK-related sanctions legislation and covers multilateral UN sanction cases and bilateral sanctions imposed by the US, EU, ROK, Japan, China, and Russia. The database classifies these sanctions by the reasons (objectives behind the sanctions), types, and sectors.

The purpose of the sanctions database is to provide comprehensive and structural analysis of intricate sanctions regime. The detailed identification of different types and sectors of sanctions can help systemic understanding of the interplay of sanctions policies and comparison with different entities.

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The database was launched in July 2023. It contains the laws, regulations and other measures related to sanctions against the DPRK, such as national legislations, measures for national enforcement and international agreements. The data provides information on the current DPRK sanctions regimes, including a short description of imposed measure, date of adoption, classification and link to its original source.

More information on the individual sanctions regimes of each actor could be found in the Knowledge Base under the "Sanctions on the DPRK" section. The dataset was curated by Yerim Seo, ONN Research Consultant, and reviewed by independent external experts. The database is updated as of 1 July 2023.

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